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Zero Cavity Club

We are very proud of our cavity-free kids. At Rose Family Dentistry, children 14 and under have the unique opportunity to become a member of the exclusive Zero Cavity Club!

Every patient has the opportunity to become a member of our Zero Cavity Club. To qualify, your child must have no new cavities at their routine exam and cleaning.

To celebrate this success and hard work we award the winner with an official ZERO CAVITY CLUB certificate, their picture is displayed on our Zero Cavity Club board AND their name is entered into a random drawing to win a prize. We randomly choose a winner each time our board is full.

Join the Zero Cavity Club in these easy steps:

1.) Brush your teeth regularly
2.) Make an appointment for a check up at Rose Family Dentistry
3.) Be cavity free when you come in for your check up
4.) Get your official Zero Cavity Club certificate
5.) Smile!